We eat well to stay healthy and entertain in style. Greystone comes complete with a recently renovated kitchen designed to feed all the brothers and their friends each night, mornings and on weekends. The kitchen has all the amenities of a new kitchen, complete with two freezers, three refrigerators, a deep fryer, new appliances, and a soda machine. But perhaps most impressive is our 15-year chef, Thomas Wilkinson.

Tom started his tenure in 2001 and started the now-famous kitchen menu. For breakfast and lunch, Tom makes the food that each brother wants to eat so that nothing goes to waste. An unprecedented hit, the kitchen menu then is a medium for immortalization in Sigma Chi.

Tom explains, “I came up with the idea of naming sandwiches after brothers, so that when they come back years from now they can still see their names up on the board, which is a really big thing now.” The menu features items like “Wong’s Buffalo Wing Sub” after Steven Wong ’05, “the Cajun Sesser” after Ben Sesser ’06, “the T-Sperlz” after Ted Sperling ’04, “Schnuck’s Cheesy Burger” after Tommy Schnuck ’06, and “Primetime Reinstein Bros Salad” after current Brother Steven Reinstein ’10 and his brother, “Primetime” Jeff Reinstein ’07, who was one of Tom’s first stewards at Greystone.

As the oldest person in the house, Tom has also assumes the unofficial role of historian of Sigma Chi, much like other chefs before him. Brothers are constantly found circled around Tom in the kitchen as he recounts many stories about Greystone, the brotherhood, and his ever-increasing number of experiences with brothers. David Colucci ’08 emphasizes, “I mean, we live in the past to some extent here, and Tom is an increasingly more important wealth of fraternity history, lore, and advice on the daily underpinnings of the house.”

The kitchen provides us opportunity for nourishment at any time of the day. However, it also serves as a space to meet, talk, and find out how everyone’s day is going. It’s truly one of the greatest benefits of Greystone.

Chef Tom Ties the Knot!

Tom Wilkinson has been working as Sigma Chi's loyal chef and house manager since 2001. More than a decade of classes has occupied Greystone's walls. Tom has remained a constant cornerstone of Greystone's operations. His duties have gone way beyond being a traditional cook. Sigma Chi brothers assert that Greystone would not function in the same way without Mr. Wilkinson.

It is our pleasure to report that Tom got married! On July 7, 2012, Thomas Wilkinson wed his lovely bride, Renee Preston, on the MV Manhattan (known to many as the "Booze Cruise Boat").

From the MV Manhattan, the wedding party traveled to the Cornell Plantations for pictures. Then they traveled to Greystone for the fantastic wedding reception. Tom says that Greystone happily accommodated everything. "Greystone is a big part of my life. I felt honored to have my reception here." The wedding was a wonderful success. The 140 attendees included several Sigma Chi alumni such as Michael Annunziata '11, as well as family and friends of the bride and groom. "We are extremely happy. The honeymoon went well. We rode my motorcycle to Bay Harbor, Maine, and spent a week there. It was beautiful." Tom adds, "I look forward to spending many more years as Sigma Chi chef and house manager." We are certainly happy to have him.

Pictured to the left is Chef Tom with his lovely wife, Renee, and family.