Big Red Bear

Our brothers actively participate in various NCAA, club, intramural and recreational sports on campus and throughout Ithaca during the academic year. We are very proud of our house’s long lineage of varsity soccer players and currently have several brothers playing soccer for the Big Red. Cornell United Club Soccer and Cornell club lacrosse consistently have a strong Sigma Chi presence year in and year out. For many years, club sports have given brothers an opportunity to interact with Cornellians from outside of the house.

Brothers have pitched and played shortstop for Cornell’s club baseball team in recent years and Sigma Chi’s intramural softball team has advanced deep into the fraternity league playoffs the past two seasons. Sigs also sail regattas for Cornell’s club sailing team, play on Cornell’s polo team, have rowed Cornell crew, and fought on the pitch for Cornell rugby. Off the field, sports are often a point of conversation and unity for the brothers.

NFL Sundays offer a healthy competitive outlet for regional rivalries within the house. Regardless of whether its Giants vs. Patriots, Lakers vs. Celtics, or Yankees vs. anybody, our brothers have a real passion for both the sports that they play and the teams they support.