On-Campus Involvement

Below are a list of brothers and what clubs, sports, and activities they participate in at Cornell.

Cameron Pritchett: former president of IFC
Clayton Meyer: Hotel School Ambassadors, Student Assembly Finance Commission
Ignacio Macias: varsity polo
John “Augie” Jones: varsity squash
Kevin Flannery: varsity squash
Brian Steck: Pi Sigma Epsilon Business Fraternity, varsity track and field,
David Feuerstein: Pi Sigma Epsilon Business Fraternity
Blake Brown: at-Large representative of student assembly, IFC VP of finance, campus tour guide, Cornell Arts and Sciences Ambassador, University Ambassador
Jack Smet: Mock Trial, IFC, club volleyball
Jesson Reeves: general manager of Hired Hands moving company, Student Agencies
Peter Devitt: general manager of HR, Student Agencies
Christos Livanos: Big Red Shipping and Storage, Student Agencies
Brent Fillipini: Big Red Shipping and Storage, Student Agencies
Deon Thomas: Cornell Daily Sun
Jake Michaels: Student Assembly Finance Commission
Logan Stevenson: sprint football
Michael Ascher: Pi Sigma Epsilon Business Fraternity, campus tour guides
Skylar Erikson: Mundial club soccer
Sidney Roberts: Mundial club soccer